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The Other Room


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The Other Room

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The Other Room is a live performance that presents a relentless struggle and a failure to perform. A half-horse half-human figure attempts to stand up and perform a tap dance for the audience. The floor is coated with a slippery fluid that makes it difficult for the horse girl to stand. She tries to perform the tap dance but the floor is so slippery that she repeatedly falls, always returning back to the beginning, never able to complete the performance.

The Other Room has been presented in theatre and gallery spaces as a 30-minute piece and a 2 hour durational performance. The work was originally commissioned by the Foundation for Women’s Art to be presented at The Uncanny Tales exhibition that featured the artists Paula Rego, Ana Maria Pacheco, Marcelle Hanselaar and Oona Grimes. The performance has been presented at The Barbican Art Gallery, FEM Festival in Spain, The City of Women Festival in Slovenia, Istantanee Festival in Rome and The International Body Art Festival in France.

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