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manuel vason tarot  


The SPILL Performance Tarot was an artist led project at the heart of SPILL 2009. The project brought together a new constituency of contemporary makers from a variety of disciplines in order to create a new deck of tarot cards.  The Pacitti Company commissioned photographer Manuel Vason to work with a range of ‘maverick’ artists to restage each tarot card form the Major Arcana.

Artists collaborating on this project included Ron Athey, Marisa Carnesky, Franko B, Raimund Hoghe, Robert Pacitti, Oreet Ashery, Rajni Shah, Harminder Singh Judge, Kira O'Reilly, Dominic Johnson and Julia Bardsley. The images were turned into a limited edition deck of cards. Following this the Tarot pack was produced as an exhibition containing large prints of each Tarot Card. This exhibition was presented at the Peter Scott Gallery, Lancaster as part of Looking Aside, an exhibition including work by Tim Etchells, Hugo Glendinning and Goat Island. The Tarot Exhibition will be presented at The Barbican Centre in April 2011 as part of SPILL 2011.

For this project I worked in collaboration with photographer/artist Manuel Vason to create an image of The Magician from the Tarot. The image was created in Treadwell’s, the renowned occult and esoteric bookstore in Covent Garden, London. The image utilised various objects and magical tools available in the bookstore.

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performance for the camera  

Performance for Camera

Helena has worked in collaboration with Manuel Vason on a number of performance for camera projects including dis-locate for Chelsea Theatre, the SPILL Tarot and LADA 10 Minutes for 10 years photo. Helena has also undertaken a number of solo performance for camera projects including Body and Landscape in 2008.

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queen mary university of london  

Queen Mary University of London Residency

This residency was part of Air Project an initiative that sustains established Live Art practitioners, supports emerging artists and invests in the spaces, which nurture their work and their audiences. It will create a dedicated community for Live Art inside Queen Mary, University of London, ensuring that audiences in the East End and across London have the opportunities to engage with a wide variety of performances. Other Air Project Artists include Peggy Shaw, Kira O'Reilly and Ron Athey.

Queen Mary University of London website

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chelsea theatre helena hunter  

Artist Associate Chelsea Theatre

Helena is Associate Artist at Chelsea Theatre and assisted with the selection of emerging artists for the Sacred Season 2010. Chelsea Theatre is London’s theatre for Live Art, and is dedicated to commissioning, producing and presenting the freshest and most innovative artists, both nationally and internationally. They have hosted some of the biggest names in contemporary performance from artists including Ron Athey, Franko B, Bobby Baker, Gob Squad, Lone Twin, Goat Island and Annie Sprinkle.

Helena presented Tracing Shadows at the inaugural Sacred Season in 2006/2007 and premiered dis-locate at the Sacred Season 2009.

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east end collaborations  

East End Collaborations 09

As part of the 10th anniversary celebrations of East End Collaborations and the Live Art Development Agency, Helena Hunter presented a reworking of The Other Room, a performance about the animal self, humiliation, and the attempt to stand, originally presented at EEC in 2004. 
The anniversary event included performances and presentations by previous EEC platform artists, alongside a programme of work by recent graduates and young artists. Helena produced a short film The Soothsayer for the EEC anniversary DVD, and gave a presentation at the information and advice day Everything You Wanted to Know About Live Art But Were Afraid To Ask. The event included performances and presentations by Lois Weaver, Oreet Ashery, Sheila Ghelani, Susannah Hewlett, the promoters and curators Anthony Roberts and Cecilia Wee; Live Art facilitators Lois Keidan and Andrew Mitchelson of the Live Art Development Agency, and Manick Govinda of Artsadmin.

To view the full program visit here.

Buy the EEC DVD here

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10 minutes for 10 years photo  

10 minutes for 10 years photo

Helena Hunter is featured in the Live Art Development Agency’s 10 Minutes for 10 Years Photo.

The Live Art Development Agency celebrated its tenth anniversary through a special series of projects including ten commissions of 'anniversary presents' especially created for sale on Unbound, the Agency's online shop for Live Art books, DVDs and limited editions.

Manuel Vason invited eight artists with a history with The Live Art Development Agency to participate in a 10 minute-exposure photograph taken on rare Polaroid film, with himself and Lois Keidan. The eight invited artists are: Barby Asante, Sheila Ghelani, Kazuko Hohki, Helena Hunter, Eirini Kartsaki, Robert Pacitti, Rajni Shah and Lois Weaver.

Buy the photo on Unbound
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