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  Photos: Paolo Regis  

Displacements is a solo gallery exhibition featuring live performance, film and photographic work made between 2006-2011. The exhibition features a series of limited edition prints, filmed excerpts of performances and a screening of a specially commissioned film dis-locate. The artist reworked her performances The Other Room, Tracing Shadows and dis-locate for presentation in the gallery space and collaborated with Mark Peter Wright (Sonic Arts, British Composer of the Year) to create a soundtrack for the exhibition.

The limited edition prints featured in the exhibition can be purchased at Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan.

'Helena Hunter is a rising star in the British performance scene; she turns thought into the spirit of her creative exploration. The body is the enactment and setting of immediacy, a medium oscillating between dimensional extremes, between reality and its theatrical representation.' Geraldine Zodo, Jerome Zodo Contemporary, Milan, Italy.

‘Hunter’s performances are controversial and disturbing…we are faced with our own foolishness and are forced to question our condition.’  Swide Magazine, Milan, Italy.

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