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dis-locate is a live performance that celebrates the transitory and the ever shifting. The work seeks to explore the idea of dis-location as an empowered and disruptive state. The performance presents a series of charged interactions between light, sound, materials and the human body. This ensemble piece incorporates choreographed movement, lighting, and a live soundtrack by Mark Peter Wright. The performance features chemical reactions and the artist collaborated with a chemist to develop the experiments in the piece. dis-locate was developed during Hunter’s artist residency at Queen Mary, University of London and was funded by Arts Council England and in 2010 the work was shortlisted for the UKYA British Art Showcase.

A specially commissioned film of the performance was made in collaboration with filmmaker Lisa Cazzato Vierya and sonic artist Mark Peter Wright. This film has been screened at Performance Space London, The International Body Art Festival in France, FEM Festival in Spain and Jerome Zodo Contemporary in Milan.

Trailer filmed and edited by Lisa Cazzato Vieyra

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